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A Note from Leslie about the Zory App
and the 
Kickstarter to fund it!

Dear Readers:

Although I haven't written any books for Harlequin's Blaze line in more than five years, there was one series I couldn't put out of my mind. I loved creating my fairytale world of Elatyria in the Blazing Bedtime Stories series. I wrote several of those books, all set in a realm very close to ours, where fairytales are real. I had so many ideas for future installments, but as things worked out, I switched to writing dark romantic suspense as Leslie A. Kelly and left the light and sexy stuff on the back burner.


Well, hold on, because those front burners are heating up and I've really been cooking! 

I was recently asked to participate in a special effort to launch an exciting, interactive romance reading app called Zory. The app will bring interactive, "Choose Your Own Adventure" type romance fiction right to your cell phones. In order to launch the company, they set up a Kickstarter to raise funding, and asked me to be part of it by offering a super-exclusive, brand new, never-before published story. And A KISS FROM A KNAVE was born. 

As you can probably tell from the description, this is a retelling of Alice in Wonderland. It's full of adventure, excitement, tension, danger, romance, humor, and ooooh the sexiness! Writing hasn't been this much fun for me in a long time. It isn't a short story or a novella, this is a full-length novel and it kicks off what will be a newly reimagined series. I have the rights back to the other Elatyria books and I'm rewriting them all to be longer, more adventurous, more connected, and ever-so-much-more sexy. 

Want to get a copy of A KISS FROM A KNAVE? Right now, there is only one way to do that is by pledging to support the Kickstarter fund. If the drive is fully funded, you'll get an ebook copy soon! 

You can get a free copy by pledging $20.00 OR you can donate a little less and do an "add-on" of A KISS FROM A KNAVE for an additional $6.00 for an ebook or $16.00 for a softcover!

But if you can pledge more in support of Zory, there are some other great giveaways, including graphics, mugs, teas, candles, soaps, plus books! 


Some donors will receive hardback copies of A KISS FROM A KNAVE, and there are other exclusive-to-Zory ebooks from top authors including:

J. Kenner, Ann Aguirre, Emily McKay, and Annika Martion


Other authors on board for future Zory books include:

Rachel Van Dyken, Molly McAdams, Kristen Ashley,

Darcy Burke, Donna Grant, Tawny Weber, and many more! 

Or you could even pledge enough to get to become a character in a future book--haven't you always wanted to be part of a fairytale? There's even a way to become a visual character on a future piece of book art from top graphic authors!

Zory is a great idea to enjoy romance fiction in an entirely new way and to do it absolutely FREE! 

Check out the video below...and then visit the Kickstarter page here. 

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