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Get Ready Readers... 

Leslie Kelly

is bringing back the


After taking a few years off from writing the super-sexy, funny, contemporary romances that launched Leslie Kelly's career,

she has returned to her popular Harlequin Blaze fairytale series set in the land of Elatyria!

First up is a retelling of the Alice in Wonderland story complete with the sexiest Knave of Hearts ever! 

And coming next year...more fairytales from the


Once Upon a Kingdom series!

Coming November 16, 2021!

Available now for preorder in all major electronic formats. 

Also watch for an 

audio version coming soon!



Once upon a time, in a land very close to our own, a greedy queen amassed a vast collection of priceless stolen artifacts.

People from other lands suspected her thievery, but none could prove it. Once taken, their own precious items disappeared forever. A delicate hair comb, a pair of fragile glass slippers, a gilt-edged mirror, golden straw, magic beans, an enchanted ax, and an antique oil lamp were among her hidden prizes. The most precious of all was a goblet that had once held the very essence of life and death--the decades of dreams of an entire sleeping kingdom.

Now, a group of rebels is out to stop the evil queen's plans. They must retrieve the magical antiquities before she can use them to seize power over all the kingdoms.

It will take someone very special to do the job. For it takes a thief to catch a thief...and a knave to outwit a queen!

The greatest thief in the land takes on the challenge, but he isn't alone on his quest. When a beautiful woman from another world lands right at his feet, he knows he must protect her from the powerful queen. He tells himself he will get her home to her own world.

But when the time comes, how will Jack Harte ever let Allie go?

Want to read an

EXCLUSIVE excerpt? 


Click here to check out the first chapter of


Check out this fun teaser video for


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Leslie's Heading Back to Trouble--

Trouble, Pennsylvania that is!

Having gotten back the rights to the original TROUBLE books, Leslie is thrilled to have updated, edited, renamed, and refreshed books one and two and hopes to finally get to write and publish book three TROUBLE OR NOTHING in 2022! 

Book one, HEADING FOR TROUBLE, is available now and 

THEY'RE IN TROUBLE is coming soon!


Look out...Trouble is on the way!

Pilot Max Taylor is in hot water. A new tell-all book depicting him as a heartbreaking playboy has disrupted his life, and he heads to the small town of Trouble, Pennsylvania to lay low with his grandfather.

Sabrina Cavanaugh is on a mission. She's a book editor whose promotion is riding on the publication of a new book that exposes Max Taylor as the bad-boy he is. She's determined to discover the truth about him, even if she loses her own heart in the process.

But Max and Sabrina aren't the only ones in Trouble. The town is a seething mass of secrets--blackmail, embezzlement, unsolved murders. And soon, Max and Sabrina find themselves wrapped up in all of it.

It's Trouble from the start as this mismatched pair teams up to solve the mystery and save the town...while along the way, they try to save each other!

Note: This is a reissue of a previously published book. It has been substantially edited and updated.

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Coming in late 2021: An updated reissue of Leslie's RITA Awards finalist book

She's No Angel now titled 


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